Monday, July 25, 2011

Time Out for Women

TOFW was just amazing: the feeling, the presenters and their messages, the awesome talent of Hilary Weeks and the company were just superb. I loved every minute of it. Thanks to my friend Llyly i was also able to contribute a little on the day. Mum also loved it- i'm so glad she came! Choose to become!
Unfortunately my pc is virally infected so i can't upload photos yet. Watch this space!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

school holidays and random stuff

I'll try and keep this post kind of self explanatory through the pictures. Here it goes:

Our kids are budding artists. Here's one of Michael's pieces.
His favourite subjects are terrifying animals, both those that live deep in the sea, and those long extinct. When I asked Michael why he only drew the tail of the fish (picture on the right) he told me that the rest of the fish's body was TOO scary to be drawn. Funny kid.

I had a go at drawing a portrait of Michael on a particularly quiet afternoon last week. So far I haven't started on the others (quiet afternoons for me are a rarity). I kind of like the portrait, kind of not. I'm aiming for a "pop art" feel to it, so we'll see how it develops. 

 What I love more than a library is a brand NEW library with brand NEW books. On Monday we were one of the first visitors to the newly opened Wyndhamvale library. It is so spacious and replete with books.

So far we've been keeping busy these holidays. On Day 1 we went to the new library, on Day 2 we went to a free Magic Show. The guy was so good, seriously. I'll be forever asking how he turned that ten dollar note into a twenty dollar note ( or did it really happen??).  Today we got busy putting on a little play/skit for the kids' friends. They made tickets, and we dropped them off to our friends' houses. We based the play on an awesome play staged outdoors in the City a couple of years ago, at the Arts Centre. It was about a whale who got stranded and people tried to find out what was wrong with it. Anyway, it is entertainment with a subtle environmental message. We named our whale YUKOMI. I seriously hope this made up name doesn't mean anything offensive in Japanese! We spent most of the day making the whale and its "contents". I love Aldi, but not for the reason you think. Where else can you score gigantic boxes like these with minimal questions from staff?

I forgot to take pics of our guests, but we had 100% attendance. We had in total 9 children and their mums. A special thank you to Matilda, Flynn and little Gracie for putting on a little play for US. That was fun.

The thing i love most about school holidays is that your whole day is UN-scheduled. We can come and go as we please, resting assured that we have to go absolutely NOWHERE come 2:30pm (or more accurately for me, 2:45pm). Loving the holidays!!!