Sunday, October 2, 2011

Catch up...again!!

Don't know when i'll be able to blog more than once a week, but here's a catch up one (again!)

We celebrated Papi in grand style with a cooked breakfast in bed last month. You might notice he is not actually in our own grand four poster bed, but rather on Joshy's little (and i mean little) bed. Yeah. That's our life right now, we like playing musical beds at night.
Sienna made him a crown with the title "the king of the Conte family". Very cute. Michael gave him 101 handmade pressies he made at kinder and he donned a spanking new suit at church that very day. He looks very handsome in his new suit :)

HOUSE IMPROVEMENTSIn the last few weeks we managed to finish painting our kitchen (love white country kitchens) AND restored our floorboards. We love the result - and it was worth all that hard work and +++ dust.
this is our wooden kitchen, painted white (used to only be stained clear). Notice the raw flooring!

 This is the first sanding of the floor in the lounge. It required several grades of sanding (from very coarse to very fine). We're now pros using the sanding equipment!

 A glimpse of the finished result. Much better than before! Whereas before it was rough, now we can slide across (with sockies on). What i really love about it is that it still has lots of character. No question about it being real timber flooring. Dents and all.