Tuesday, August 2, 2016

The Overstretched Jumper

So I have this cute navy blue jumper that I've had for a while. I think I wear it all the time. It's comfy and it goes well with my perfectly worn out, faded blue jeans. The jumper is overstretched because Jacob, my soon-to-be-4-year-old, loves coccooning himself inside my jumper to go "into mummy's belly", as he puts it. It's a thing he does that helps him relax before he has a nap. He loves the familiar warmth and smell of my skin. I like to think it's his primitive baby self looking for comfort. It's soothing to him. I'm writing about this because that jumper is a good symbol of my motherhood. Sometimes I feel over-stretched in my role. It's not easy to be at home full time with the kids. Sometimes worldly pursuits like a full time career is alluring, especially on those days when I am simply a little tired of mothering, or when those little monkeys push the boundaries, or when I really can't be bothered cooking a nice homemade healthy meal (dietitian here). Yep, full time work would provide some extra niceties, for example: exotic holidays, lavish dinners and romantic dates for hubby and I that are not necessarily on our anniversary, a bigger, lovelier home (in a lovelier neighbourhood), that awesome latest model people mover with automatic sliding doors and leather seats, hello! Sigh... Yes the pull of the outside is strong sometimes. The pull for career advancement and recognition is very tangible at times. 
But I guess all those things would come in direct exchange for me, and my time with the kids. I couldn't easily save the day if a child of mine urgently needed a change of clothes for school because they accidentally fell into a huge puddle and got themselves full of mud (true story, that happened yesterday). I couldn't be there right after school to hear the good, the bad and ugly that happened that day (happens every day). I couldn't go off exploring with my little one just because he wanted to go on a train ride (that happened last week). There would be less of me to go around. No me to meet them at the school gates. No me to settle their quarrels, to watch their   activities on social media, to help with homework, to get them involved in the kitchen with meals, no me to share an uplifting spiritual message at the breakfast table. 

There would be no me to settle my 3 year old into my overstretched sweater.

It's my choice be a mainly stay at home mum (I run a micro business). It's a choice I make on a regular basis. 
I respect women who work outside of the home for whatever reason, be it out of need or want. Motherhood demands a lot of us women. I respect every woman's choice. But I guess for me, right now I am happiest in my overstretched jumper (and slightly over stretched self), growing, and sometimes stumbling as I learn to mother my children the best way that I know how.

Jacob, partially cocooned in my overstretched jumper.

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Mis Tias/ My Aunties

Two of my mum's sisters are here visiting from the U.S. It had been 17 years since I had last seen these beautiful women. They are loving, compassionate and absolutely adorable. My aunties, Tia Delmy and Tia Marta, have left their families behind for a few days, travelled across the globe to be with us and to see this beautiful country of ours. We are so happy to have them, and are thoroughly enjoying each day we have together. I truly feel blessed to be in the company of these wonderful, strong and faith-filled women who have endured much, yet continue to move forward with faith in God. Las quiero mucho tias!

Monday, February 29, 2016

Joshua's recovery at home

Joshua has been at home for the past week recovering from surgery. He had his tonsils and adenoids removed to help him reduce his snoring, help him breathe better at night and improve his quality of life. After a week of regular pain relief meds he's finally off the stuff and not experiencing much discomfort. He's home with me and Jacob for one more week. I hope he and Jacob keep on bonding. The last two pics show these two busy and happy at play with their "kinetic sand".

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Wildlife encounter

Yesterday the kids and I ventured out to Serendip Sanctuary, a wildlife reserve not too far from home. Had to take them out for the day to help Louie get maximum uninterrupted sleep after his night shift. He says he never hears anything but I doubt it. It gets so loud here sometimes. Anyway, back to Serendip: there were lots of animals to see. I only have a few pics but we saw emus, kangaroos, wallabies and a whole lot of bird life. It was sooooo cold though! Hard to believe spring is only a couple of days away. Melbourne weather - what else can i say?
See that Joshy of mine? That kid purposely acts up on photos. He makes faces and does the complete opposite that I ask him to do. He cracks me up - most of the time. He had his first school excursion this week. The preps got to go on a massive bus for a 15' ride to the local zoo. He had fun, even if he had to endure an earache. His most memorable moment: when one of his classmates threw up after the safari bus ride.
Awesome shot huh? That's Joshy in the bus just before they left.
Just now Michael and Jacob have come into bed. It's 6:25am. They're such early birds. Maybe by some miracle I can convince them to go back to sleep.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Joshua turns 6

Joshua is now 6! How fast time flies. I can't believe 6 years have gone since we welcomed this little bundle of unstoppable energy into the world.
This year we decided that we are not going to celebrate with big parties, but with special family outings. And, upon the birthday boy's request, we visited the Melbourne Aquarium. My parents (Abuela  and Abuelo) tagged along which made the experience all the more memorable. 
I will have to add more pics soon. This one though, is an absolute classic. Who can resist my mum's convincing terrified expression as she finds herself inside the jaws of a long extinct giant shark?? I love it!
I think I might fill you in on the other happy and fun things that have been happening around here recently: 

That's of course US. How I love my husband. He is my absolute best friend, my everything. Life is not always easy and parenting is sometimes hard, but together we are strong. And having each other and our children is my greatest joy.
There's little Jacob who will soon turn 3. Really happy with that kid sized trolley from Bunnings. As my brother would say "small solutions for a small planet"😉

              TIME OUT for WOMEN

Recently I went to Time Out for Women, a one day inspirational event for women. It was held in Sydney earlier this month. I was away for three nights (longest away from my little family) and it was just fabulous. I travelled with awesome long time friends Jess and Llyly, and made more friends along the way. It was my annual leave from motherhood duties and though I missed Louie and the kids, I still managed to have a blast! 
I absolutely loved the talent, inspiration and encouragement from the speakers. Loved David Archuleta. I envisage my boys one day growing up be like this great young man. 

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Just for fun

The weekend was wonderful. Extremely busy, but really great. During breakfast on Saturday I told everyone that if we were to visit the Melbourne Zoo AND the local festival on the same day, we all needed to get the house in ship shape before we left. After an hour of power, we were ready. I was impressed! It is amazing how much little hands can do when you give them a good incentive. 
Here are a couple of videos from the zoo visit. And, no. They do not include zoo animals. Just my very own, little monkeys (and a big monkey mum and dad :)

The festival was fun too. Both sets of grandparents went with us. The kids went on rides with Nonno, Nonna, Abuela and Abuelo. It was so much fun to watch them all.

On Sunday after church, we ate nuggets and chips. And then off I went to choir practice. Sienna came along with me again. She sat next to her Nonna, who is a soprano like her. I love choir, not because I have a great voice (no, definitely not), but because I'm not too bad at following the person next to me. I'm trying to learn how to read the notes too, but since I am not naturally musical, I still depend on the altos next to me to start on the right note.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Driveway Blitz

They make it look so easy on Better Homes and Gardens (one of my favourite shows and magazines). They seem to rip a room apart in minutes and magically, effortlessly transform it into something spectacular. Now with this BHG inspiration, we had decided that our 40 year old bluestone driveway was no longer safe to walk on (a number of people had accidentally tripped on the now bumpy surface). So, we decided to excavate all 800 or so bluestone pitchers and re-do our driveway in a way that was environmentally responsible ( ie cheap). Now, those bluestone blocks are the definition of HEAVY. Prying them out and moving them out of the way took Louie and I many hours (over several weeks, whenever we had the chance). Once excavated, it was time for the driveway. Last Saturday we were so fortunate to have some amazing family members and friends with willing, strong hands to help us out. The driveway is complete! But not without the help of some awesome people.