Sunday, August 14, 2011

finally back after a pc virus removal..

It's nice to be blogging again. Just thought i'd put up some photos of what's been happening in the last few weeks.
At our recent visit to Collingwood Children's Farm

the farm cat!
With the delightful Davenport kids

On an outing to the city with Abuela. Ah Josh and that photo face!

We celebrated Joshy's 2nd birthday by going on a family outing to the zoo last Friday 12th August. It was awesome. I especially loved the primates!
Oh Joshy, how much you have grown. And although your babyhood is now gone, i still see you as my baby. Thank you for the laughs and giggles you bring to us all. For your cute and growing vocabulary, even for your temper tantrums, which are far more dramatic than anything i have ever seen. For all those things and more, we're grateful to have you in our little family. We love you Joshy!!! And happy birthday once again. Lots of love, Mami, Papi, Sienna and Michael.
A gorgeous poster Sienna made at school.
Her teacher posted it on Twitter!

Joshua Elias Conte, born 12th August 2009

At the Zoo, with our 2 year old Josh.