Thursday, March 17, 2011

Favourite things

One of my favourite things about mothering is reading books to my children. Hands down, going to the library and picking new books (or old faves) to bring home is on my top 10. There's nothing like having little ones captivated by the sound of your voice, reading a fabulous story and seeing it come alive by amazing artwork. Our favourite book at the moment is Isabella's Garden, written by Glenda Millard and illustrated by Rebecca Cool. It is a wonderful, poetic read about the change of the seasons and how it affects this garden. I love it because the story leaves so many opportunities for Q&A. Like: "Where were the seeds sleeping?" and "what were the clouds crying?" and "What was the sun kissing"
 I love it and highly recommend it for young and old :)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

marriage: an amazing institution

15th March 2003

This month we celebrate 8 years of marriage, Louie and I. I was only 23 when we married. Louie was 27. Probably young compared to average marriage age data. But we were definitely ready for it (even though we did look REALLY young)
So much has happened in the last 8 years. The most important thing however, is that we now are FIVE. Bringing children into this world is a huge blessing and responsibility. I feel happy and blessed for each of our little ones. There's no better place for children to come to, than to an already organized family unit, who love each and care for each other and have promised before witnesses that they will be committed to one another. Marriage is so important.
We witnessed another marriage recently, that of Louie's sister Lucy. Absolutely gorgeous woman. And now, an absolutely gorgeous new wife to Mark. Congratulations to you both!

Lucy and Mark, happy on their wedding day.
The munchkins and me. All dressed up and ready for the main event!

Mr Louie Conte, as his handsome self

Princess Sienna and I
Master Michael Conte, as his handsome self :)