Monday, February 27, 2012

Growing things

Finally we're starting to see veggies in the veggie patch. And the sunflowers have bloomed too. Here's Joshy saying cheese for the camera. It's nice to grow things. Sometimes from the seed stage, sometimes from the seedling stage. In any case, it's so nice to responsible for creating something that wasn't there before. I love that the earth has so much to give.
It's been raining for almost three consecutive days here in Melbourne. I love the rain. Nature needed it badly after that extremely hot weekend. It's been raining so much that the branches of the trees are holding +++ water. So much so that when Louie came out of the car, he accidentally pushed a branch and got a little wet. He started giggling and so i started laughing. BUT IT WAS NO EXCUSE FOR WHAT HE DID NEXT: As i was coming inside, he pulled on a branch above me with all his might and   got me DRENCHED. He laughed at me of course (he's a professional trickster) but it took me a little while to see the fun in it. Must be the fiery latino in me, he said. And i reckon it was that there's nothing worse, than for someone who wears glasses, to not only get drenched, but also be made temporarily blind because you can't see past all the water on your glasses. GRRRR....
He's funny, my Louie. He looks serious on the outside, but he loves to have fun, often (very often) at my expense. Patience and stuff huh.