Sunday, June 10, 2012

Happily expecting

The excitement is building up in our household as we anticipate the arrival of our fourth child. I'm 27 weeks pregnant!!! My belly's showing nicely (the biggest one ever) and it's really a most lovely time.  Baby will be due at the end of August/start of September, ready for spring. How we love spring babies (all of our babies have always been 'ordered' for arrival around spring). We're busily trying to get things finished around the house, and making other needful preparations to go from a family of five to a family of SIX!! I truly feel blessed to be a mother, and to have the opportunity to help bring another little child of God to earth. It's most sacred. Sure, i also feel a little nervous about how to manage a bigger household, how to take care of a baby PLUS another 3 little ones. But the interesting thing is that the older ones are becoming more independent and helpful. So this will be a complete family affair. It's going to be wonderful to welcome baby number 4.