Wednesday, August 22, 2012

All in a day's work!

Every time Louie gets a chance to mow the lawn, he always has a very special little helper to lend him a hand. I couldn't help taking pics of Louie and Joshy mowing the lawn this morning. Too cute. Perfect morning and weather to do it.
Side by side working together

Joshy and last year's Christmas present from us. Papi chose it for him. He's so good at picking presents for the kids.

My handsome Louie.

My handsome Joshy.

He's so cute!

And back to finish the job!!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Joshy turns 3!

Here are some photos from Joshy's party. He is now 3! He wanted a dinosaur cake (but all i could manage was a cake with a dinosaur painted on it with icing). Abuelos brought him a triceratops pinata though and he was very happy with that. His lovely aunty Tanya baked some awesome cookie monster cupcakes which were just delicious. Lovely time was had with family!

Here's Josh enjoying his new toy: a glowing Buzz Lightyear action figure. Great pick from Papi. Michael looks a little down, probably thinking about when he'll have his turn with Buzz!

only about 2 weeks to go...

The kids under the newly blossoming apricot tree. 
I can't believe there's only about 2 weeks left until we meet our new little bub. My c-section has been booked for Tuesday 4th September. So, there's only 16 days left!!!
Since hitting the 37 week mark it has been increasingly difficult to move around. Leg cramps have been annoying, and general lethargy has also been around more this week. But all in all, i'm happy to say that everything is going well. 
Sienna especially is looking forward to baby's arrival. She loves touching my belly and sensing baby's movements. Michael is excited in his own little way... And Joshy (who only turned 3 last Sunday) knows that there's a "house inside Mummy". 

This was me at around 33 weeks gestation

Me, blossoming at 37 weeks :) This is my biggest preggy belly!