Sunday, January 23, 2011

Our day at the beach

Finally, we experienced a little bit of summer at the beach last week. The kids were so happy to have gone that they continued to thank us for the little trip for days afterwards.
Joshua loved playing in the sand, like any other tiny tot

Sienna couldn't believe she finally got to play with her new boogie board

All the monkeys aboard the mother ship :)

Michael dazzling his dazzling smile

Sienna getting a ride on Daddy 
Eastern Beach, Geelong. Nice place for families with young kids. 
The saltwater pool, adjacent the protected beach and the huge playground.
Us joining in with the lifesavers

And another view of the area

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Something of shelters, evacuation centres and other make shift homes

I really feel for the devastation caused by the floods in our country recently. The most affected has been the state of Queensland, where many have lost their lives, their homes and their livelihoods. However, I'm thoroughly impressed with the emergency relief efforts of our country. And grateful to know that this nation really does look after their people. I know many are still in evacuation centres and some are isolated completely from other towns. There is still uncertainty, ache and loss. But lives will, however slowly come back together again...My friend Leona, who is musically minded wrote a song and dedicated it to the flood victims. Here's the link...i highly commend it

I know something about being forced out of your home and having that overwhelming uncertainty of not knowing what you'll find when you get back. I was 9 when the civil war broke out in my country. Still, we were blessed, even in my war-torn native El Salvador. We were blessed with helping hands, ready to protect, feed and comfort. When we finally returned home after living for 1 week in an evacuation centre (it was a school - turned shelter for those who'd left their homes after the war broke out), we did find our home, mostly intact. Many only returned to rubbles. How can an experience like that be turned into a positive experience, even a blessing? Every time i remember living through war and being evacuated from our home i realize how much good there is in all of us. Some are strong enough to bear other's burdens. Some have leadership they never knew they had. And although a small few can take advantage of others' misfortunes, a fair few rise to the task in a way they didn't know how. We can be strong, and we can survive and push on, through the floods, wars and other catastrophes of life. Life will go on.  

Monday, January 10, 2011

My first blog entry - EVER

Well, I really don't know what I'm in for, but I love writing and communicating my ideas and experiences to those around me, so here it goes... my very own blog.
I guess I should start by explaining my blog title "my happy lines". It has two meanings, or connections. The first refers to the literal lines that I will be writing. I am tired of complaining about the things that go wrong every day, and I'm slow to remember the good things in my life. I want to find the best out of every situation, see the blessings in my life more readily and be more appreciative for my life and the people that comprise it.
I aim to literally write happy lines, even if it takes  a while to get there.
And the second connection to the title.. well, recently i started noticing some 'happy lines' on my face. At 31, i guess i shouldn't be surprised to see more lines (i'll just say it, wrinkles), but lo and behold, there they are. All those years full of laughter, joy and happiness finally took their toll! So, to whoever will read from now on, hope you enjoy these happy lines : )