Monday, November 21, 2011

Family updates

We've been busy these last few weeks. We had a little Halloween party here at our place for the kids' and their buddies. It was so cool.

The "Conte" Dracula Family (ha ha)
Our lounge room filled with 3 - 8 year olds!

We also recently celebrated Michael's 5th birthday. On the day of his birthday we took him to the Melbourne aquarium and then we threw an "Under the Sea" party for him. Most of the decorations were home made, including the pinata, which Louie and I made together. It was soooo much fun (and a little stressful, but mostly fun). Michael was spoilt rotten that day with gifts from his kinder buddies, church friends and neighbours. Maybe too spoilt actually.
Michael on the day of his 5th birthday

Joshy and Michael as deep sea divers :) this was our photo prop at the party.
Sienna and Michael "under the sea". I love this one!

Recently Louie finished the chicken house. We have two little chicks. Initially we had three but the littlest didn't make it past day 3. We gave it a proper burial. Her name was Kooki. The other chickens are Maria and Madison. They will one day grow up to be healthy, egg producing hens (hopefully).

We're spending so much time outside nowadays, especially since some good friends donated a swing set for the kids. So generous.

And now that the weather is fining up, we're also making every possible excuse to go 'adventuring'. A couple of weeks ago we went to the beach, fired up some sausages for dinner and looked for sea shells on the shore. How romantic huh? It was on a Monday night, meaning it was our special Family Home Evening activity. Normally we have FHE at home, and have a proper gospel-themed lesson, songs etc. Our excuse: we're appreciating Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ's creations.
Sunset at Werribee South Beach.
Today (Monday) we also went out for family home evening, this time looking for tadpoles in the nearby creek. Our children are so into nature. I love it. They say we now have more than ten pets (they're counting the tadpoles and yabby we caught today). When little, Louie used to do the same. It's nice he shares some of his childhood experiences with the kids.