Monday, April 30, 2012

It's autumn time!

I always have a "good" excuse for arriving a few minutes late to church. This time it had nothing to do with the unusually extreme circumstances that unfairly and unpredictably spring up on me in the last 15 minutes before we have to go.. this time it had everything to do with totally losing track of time. I took photos of the kids playing with the fallen leaves from our apricot tree. It's autumn time in Melbourne, and we love it!
It's autumn time, it's autumn time. The leaves are falling down.

It's autumn time, it's autumn time. It's all around the town. 
(Children's Songbook)

 We had a huge leaf fight afterwards. 
Yeah, we find the simplest things the most fun at times.
I took some of our fallen leaves into nursery and sang this song to the littlies as we threw the leaves up in the air. Of course, they loved it. But, uh, i won't be doing that inside anymore. Dry leaves disintegrate into tiny pieces which are way too hard to clean up!