Wednesday, February 16, 2011

love is in the air

I always wanted to get married on Valentine's Day. Really, we should have gotten married then. I think we didn't end up getting married that day because i had the strange notion that we would be selfish and spoil everyone else's valentine's day strange. Anyway, I like February because it sets the romantic scene for our anniversary, which is coming up in a few weeks. I tried to get into a romantic mood and decorated the mantle with some cardboard hearts.
I loved Valentine's this year. Hubby and i had an especially romantic evening (after kids went off to bed). We watched a romantic film, ate scorched almonds and exchanged gifts.  Definitely not an expensive evening, but we loved being together to celebrate being together. I love being married, especially to wonderful man like my Valentine.

We've done some painting lately, and here are some pics. Don't have the before shots, but just imagine all the walls covered with the most dull, and unimpressive wallpaper available in the 70's (the type of stuff that sends people into spontaneous depression), and boring carpet. We're still to work on the floors, but the painting is almost done.
I was also lucky enough to inherit some outdoor furniture which we painted and put outside.

Yeah, i know, i don't think it's possible to get a brighter blue than that. And i totally love it! It gives the outside area a lift. You may be able to see the book on the table. A nice romantic novel. Finally, went to the library, paid those overdue fines, and got that MOST WANTED poster taken off the walls. I.LOVE.THE.LIBRARY. But i must stick to the limit: no more than 2 books borrowed per family member (including the dog), at any one time. I will not accrue any more fines. EVER. Okay... i'll re-phrase that... I will TRY not to accrue any more library fines.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

"I very, very know"

Michael is just so cute with his expressions sometimes. While playing an animal board game this afternoon after church, he kept saying "I very, very know" every time he knew the answer to a question. So cute. And so bilingual. Ah, the perks.
Sienna is truly worried her tooth won't fall out, so much so that i suggested that tomorrow at school she conduct a little survey of which kids are in the same boat as her. I wonder what she'll report. I just hope this doesn't blow up in my face. She could be the only one in her grade that hasn't yet lost any teeth. Yikes.
Today was a little bit of a miracle at church. We made it through all of sacrament meeting without exiting the chapel once (mind you we had a couple of huge outbursts like "THEY"RE MY STICKERS, SIENNA!!!"). But it was nice to be able to bear my testimony, and even better when Sienna bore hers. I tell you, kids are so honest sometimes. Like when they say things like "sometimes i like to choose the right". In front of the whole ward. Ah, the perks.
I'm into baking right now. This isn't an actual picture of what i baked, but believe me, it came pretty close. Blueberry cake is just so yummy. A little expensive (125g fresh blueberries $3; top quality strawberry yoghurt $2.50). But the recipe is ultra easy:
Here are some pics from our recent trip to the Otway Fly experience.
On top of the world among the huge, tall Mountain Ash that grow in the Otways forest. I think the tree top walk is 50m high.

Carried Joshy in the best baby carrier ever made for wanna-be active mummies: The Ergo Carrier!
Sienna and Michael with their adventure backpacks. And that day we had an adventure! Not only did we endure a 2 hour walk, but Joshy fell on his face and Michael grazed his hand, all before we even started the walk. Note to self: I must show more compassion to my kids when they hurt themselves. Saying things like "Michael, what have you done to yourself now?" doesn't really help. Must sing the get better song more often. It's a little Spanish song, but i'll do my best to translate it to English:
"Get better, get better,
little frog's bottom,
If it doesn't get better today,
It'll be better tomorrow"
Bilingualism. Ah, the perks!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Back to school!

It was Sienna's first day back at school. She's now in Grade 1! She was totally spoilt by Nonna, who came to visit all the way from Greenvale (almost 1 hour's drive) and went with us to drop her off.
Sienna was very excited about her new teacher, whom she described as "awesome". That was comforting.
Also, today Sienna discovered her first ever wobbly tooth! She is very, VERY excited (and i think relieved that she's catching up to her toothless friends )
And what was Michael doing while her sis was at school? Catching up on some zzzz - as well as Collie, the color-changing dog (He was almost all black when he was born, and now his coat is a gorgeous silver-grey).
Well, now that the power has gone out for the second time tonight and we had to cancel our movie night (doing this on battery power), better go and make this night one to remember. In El Salvador every time we had a black out (almost one a month), we used to grab the candles, sit around the table, and listen to scary folk-stories from the mouth of Mama Nila. I don't think i'll do that tonight - i'm too much of a scaredy cat. PLUS, i really don't want to accompany my kids to the loo forever.