Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Sienna's reading

What Sienna's reading right now..

I think I've mentioned how much i LOVE reading to my kids. 
Well, now that Sienna can read (and does so quite well), she loves to 
read aloud to me. She's currently devouring this book, and it's the fourth one
she's read. She's so gorgeous. The series is all about Karen, a second grader (like Sienna) and the experiences she has. It's set in the early 90's and it's just so cute. 
Things worked out well tonight. Boys were in bed by 8. Sienna a little later (wanted to read more of the book). Grateful for the fact i made a wholesome dinner tonight (even my rice is getting closer to the way Mum cooks it). Happy that there were minimal squabbles between the kids. Just wish they'd eaten more of that meal :)

Friday, May 11, 2012

Hard, Happy Work

Mothering is hard, happy work. Sometimes it's more "hard" than "happy", and at other times, the "happy" part of it takes over immensely, and it doesn't even feel like work. Like around Mother's Day. Michael and Sienna have been spoiling me at their special Mother's Day morning and afternoon teas at school. Michael greeted me yesterday with the biggest hug and kiss - in PUBLIC (he's been cuddle-shy since he started school this year). He painted my nails a bright red, and did such a good job (even though he painted my nails sideways). He was so pleased with himself.
At Sienna's morning tea this morning she spoilt me with a handmade card, a handmade ornament and other bits and pieces. She gave me a nice shoulder massage and was soo attentive. All the kids are so grateful for their mothers at this time of the year. But i feel even more grateful to be a mother. It's the hardest job..really. Sleep is usually interrupted, sanity at times challenged, but the opportunity to guide these little children and teach them, like no other person can - not even at school, is the most important thing I've ever been able to do. And despite the challenges that arise from parenting three young children, i wouldn't change it for the world. So, to mothers everywhere, especially my own mother, happy mother's day. And may we all enjoy more hard, happy work.