Thursday, December 19, 2013

Summer's here

Today the temperature reached 40 degrees Celcius in Melbourne (104F). I went into Michael's class to do a Christmas craft for the kids: little snowmen made from Styrofoam balls. Not very fitting with the weather conditions, I know. But the truth is, as ridiculous as it may be to sing Christmas carols that mention sleigh rides in the snow in a place that gets hit by extremely hot weather conditions in summer, it is SO MUCH FUN!!! To even imagine 'walking in a winter wonderland' is elusive at this time of the year down under, but I think it adds to the magic of Christmas for us here and in many parts of the world (south of the Equator mainly)... One day, I tell my kids, one day, we will stop 'dreaming of a white Christmas' - and actually experience it. But for now, our Aussie Christmases will be filled with the fun of endless summer days.

Today, in the inflatable pool. So awesome.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Christmas preparations

It's beginning to look, sound and feel like Christmas! How I love this season. I've borrowed a whole lot of Christmas DVD's, storybooks and magazines from the local library and have been devouring them with the kids before bed. Decorating the house has been fun. I just wish I had more lights, more tinsel, more cute little ornaments from second hand shops. A home can never have too many Christmas decorations.

Christmas decorations with too many Santas on the lawn
Well... maybe it CAN... yikes

Tonight the kids spent a good couple of hours writing Christmas cards for all their classmates (22 each on average). Sienna was extra thoughtful by writing down 2 things she liked about each one of her school friends. She drew and coloured in pictures. Michael got artistic too and drew awesome characters for each one. Joshy was cute too. He wrote 4 cards to his little mates from his Sunbeam class. He drew them an 'electric rock' in each card. Please do not ask me what an electric rock is. I'm guessing though that if this type of rock ever fell on somebody, it would not only seriously hurt them, but also electrocute them. Joshy has vivid, sometimes violent imagination. Like the other day when he informed me that sparrows were likely to take people to their nest and feed their chicks human brains. I honestly don't know where he gets these things from. We are peace-loving parents!!