Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Picnics and outings

Yesterday was Melbourne Cup Day. Hubby was at work though (sigh...), so I took the kiddies to the Melbourne Museum. Had Louie been with me, we probably would have gone somewhere more adventurous. But the kids were excited to go, so I took them.
You know, one of my favourite things ever is PICNICS. I love the idea of settling down on a cosy picnic rug with yummy food, sitting under the shade of a leafy tree and enjoying a gentle breeze. Well, that was us yesterday in the museum garden: except that the idyllic moment only lasted about 2 minutes. For when I had finally managed to finish making up tuna sandwiches for all of them (all whilst Jacob was walking on top of everything), and started eating my own sandwich (finally the mum gets a bite), Joshy loudly announced he needed to go to the toilet. Yeah. That picnic didn't last long.
After we got tired of all the stuff in the museum I took them to the Carlton Gardens playground. And we sat down again, on my cute picnic rug.  A few moments later, there was a little panic.  Sienna had unintentionally wandered off. So far off actually that she looked the size of an ant. There was some scolding (ok, there was lots of scolding). I am wary of public places. And then there was some more scolding, when Michael started chasing an injured pigeon that they had found. The poor bird. Michael has been chasing birds since he could walk. It's all on video.
So, yesterday wasn't the best day ever. My picnic dreams evaporated quickly. And I was missing Louie lots. However, I'm grateful that although sometimes I'm not a likely candidate for Melbourne's Best Mum awards, I am with them. And they with me. And we get to do lots of stuff together. At the end of the day, they often ask: Mami, is it your turn with me? Louie and I rotate tucking them in bed and staying in their rooms for a little chat, a story, a song, or in the case of Joshy and Michael, simply some company until they fall asleep. I tell myself I must not be doing too bad a job if they still want me around for the last bit of their day. Even if all they've seen or heard, has been this imperfect, sometimes crazy woman they have for their mother, for the past 14 hours.
My favourite part of the day yesterday: Icecream at home and lying in the hammock. And when Louie got home, at 8:20pm.