Saturday, March 1, 2014

Driveway Blitz

They make it look so easy on Better Homes and Gardens (one of my favourite shows and magazines). They seem to rip a room apart in minutes and magically, effortlessly transform it into something spectacular. Now with this BHG inspiration, we had decided that our 40 year old bluestone driveway was no longer safe to walk on (a number of people had accidentally tripped on the now bumpy surface). So, we decided to excavate all 800 or so bluestone pitchers and re-do our driveway in a way that was environmentally responsible ( ie cheap). Now, those bluestone blocks are the definition of HEAVY. Prying them out and moving them out of the way took Louie and I many hours (over several weeks, whenever we had the chance). Once excavated, it was time for the driveway. Last Saturday we were so fortunate to have some amazing family members and friends with willing, strong hands to help us out. The driveway is complete! But not without the help of some awesome people.

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