Monday, August 17, 2015

Joshua turns 6

Joshua is now 6! How fast time flies. I can't believe 6 years have gone since we welcomed this little bundle of unstoppable energy into the world.
This year we decided that we are not going to celebrate with big parties, but with special family outings. And, upon the birthday boy's request, we visited the Melbourne Aquarium. My parents (Abuela  and Abuelo) tagged along which made the experience all the more memorable. 
I will have to add more pics soon. This one though, is an absolute classic. Who can resist my mum's convincing terrified expression as she finds herself inside the jaws of a long extinct giant shark?? I love it!
I think I might fill you in on the other happy and fun things that have been happening around here recently: 

That's of course US. How I love my husband. He is my absolute best friend, my everything. Life is not always easy and parenting is sometimes hard, but together we are strong. And having each other and our children is my greatest joy.
There's little Jacob who will soon turn 3. Really happy with that kid sized trolley from Bunnings. As my brother would say "small solutions for a small planet"😉

              TIME OUT for WOMEN

Recently I went to Time Out for Women, a one day inspirational event for women. It was held in Sydney earlier this month. I was away for three nights (longest away from my little family) and it was just fabulous. I travelled with awesome long time friends Jess and Llyly, and made more friends along the way. It was my annual leave from motherhood duties and though I missed Louie and the kids, I still managed to have a blast! 
I absolutely loved the talent, inspiration and encouragement from the speakers. Loved David Archuleta. I envisage my boys one day growing up be like this great young man. 

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  1. I have missed some of your latest posts. I love these pictures from TOFW. I cant wait to see you soon- and hopefully Jess too!