Saturday, August 29, 2015

Wildlife encounter

Yesterday the kids and I ventured out to Serendip Sanctuary, a wildlife reserve not too far from home. Had to take them out for the day to help Louie get maximum uninterrupted sleep after his night shift. He says he never hears anything but I doubt it. It gets so loud here sometimes. Anyway, back to Serendip: there were lots of animals to see. I only have a few pics but we saw emus, kangaroos, wallabies and a whole lot of bird life. It was sooooo cold though! Hard to believe spring is only a couple of days away. Melbourne weather - what else can i say?
See that Joshy of mine? That kid purposely acts up on photos. He makes faces and does the complete opposite that I ask him to do. He cracks me up - most of the time. He had his first school excursion this week. The preps got to go on a massive bus for a 15' ride to the local zoo. He had fun, even if he had to endure an earache. His most memorable moment: when one of his classmates threw up after the safari bus ride.
Awesome shot huh? That's Joshy in the bus just before they left.
Just now Michael and Jacob have come into bed. It's 6:25am. They're such early birds. Maybe by some miracle I can convince them to go back to sleep.

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